Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Picture For Graphic#2 (2)Also called a Seller’s Inspection

Today a seller can benefit from a pre-listing inspection because it avoids unnecessary problems and potential surprises that could derail the sale of the home when you get a ready, willing and able buyer.

Some sellers are taking advantage of having a pre-listing inspection done before putting the home on the market for sale. Some real estate professionals are even saying that having a home inspection prior to listing can offer several benefits to the seller.

  • Makes the home more marketable
  • Eliminates road blocks
  • Saves you money
  • Cushions the buyer’s decision
  • Provides you the opportunity to create a much cleaner inspection report, before the buyers arrive
  • Allows you time for any repairs in order to more effectively market your home in the most positive light
  • Helps you honestly share everything about your home, reducing your liability for disclosure
  • Reduces the buyer’s negotiating leverage regarding the existing property conditions
  • Reduces the likelihood that buyers will hire their own inspector
  • Reduces costly surprises being found by a buyer’s inspector after you thought you had a firm offer Increases the likelihood that serious offers will turn into closings
  • Saves you money on repairs
  • Buyers are instantly more comfortable, knowing that you have shared the homes true condition
  • Increases the home buyer’s perceived value of the property
  • Virtually eliminates emotionally and financially draining renegotiations

We will inspect your home and let you know any problems or issues that there may be so you have time to fix or repair these items prior to getting your buyer.
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