Builder Warranty Inspection

canstockphoto5780700Before you move into your new home, make sure you complete a thorough “punch list” during your final walk-through with your builder, clearly designating the items for which the builder is responsible under warranty

Many home warranties are backed by the builder; others are purchased by the builder from an independent company that assumes responsibility for certain claims. Some home owners purchase additional coverage on their own from third-party warranty companies to supplement the coverage their builder provides. These add-on service contracts are commonly called warranties. The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) require builders to purchase a third-party warranty as a way to protect buyers of newly built homes with FHA or VA loans.

Helping Your Inspector Prepare: Builder’s Warranty Inspections

This is how our builder warranty inspections stand apart form others. For us, the builder warranty is the home owner’s last chance to have the contractor come back to address the cosmetic issues as well as serious defects. We inspect everything from the crawl space to the roof, including all readily accessible components and testing all appliances. During the inspection we mark all defects, cosmetic or otherwise, with blue masking tape as well as taking pictures for the report. This helps to ensure that you know when the defects have been addressed. We also provide our clients with a home maintenance binder as a bonus. In this binder we record the serial numbers from all major appliances as well as other pertinent maintenance information. A search is done through this binder application to ensure that there have been no recalls on the appliances listed. This recall check is performed automatically every Wednesday for as long as you own your home, and at no cost to you. That way if there ever is a recall you will know about it while it is still covered by the manufacturer.

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