6 things a fireplace inspection will help you avoid

Posted on: January 22, 2018 by in Real Estate
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Anyone who owns a fireplace as part of their home should take the time to invest in regular inspections and professional sweepings of the chimney. Failing to carry out these important steps can prove to be a deadly mistake, as, in the worst case scenario, a fire could result. The professional inspector will look at a number of important elements of the fireplace and chimney to ensure they are in proper working order to operate safely. Once the inspection has been completed and the fireplace confirmed safe, the homeowner should remember to next ensure that all smoke alarms are also working well.

Key Takeaways:

  • An inspector will look at the brick and mortar to find out if it needs reconditioning
  • The glass door gasket material will also be inspected, to make sure it is airtight
  • The leading cause of fires is partially burned creosote, which will be inspected during checking of the flue liner

“There are a lot of bad things that can happen with a malfunctioning fireplace — the worst being a chimney fire that can spread to the roof structure and cause major damage.”

Read more: https://www.inman.com/2012/11/21/6-things-a-fireplace-inspection-will-help-you-avoid/

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